Friday, November 1, 2013

fireplace flip

One great feature, in theory, is the dual sided fireplace that is in the center of our kitchen/family room.  When we saw the house, though, we immediately decided that it would be painted out white.  After renovations were underway, we decided that more drastic measures would suit the room much better.

Here is what it looked like in the sell sheet.  Scale was way big for the space and ceiling height.  Remember sell sheets are always done with a wide angle lens.  Also, what's the deal with the super high mantle.  It was at perfect height for my husband to knock out an eye or temple.

I took many before pictures because I knew that it would be a great transformation.  These bricks make me sad.

We decided that we could scale it down.  Please observe the nonsensical way these concrete blocks were put together.  Whhaaaa?

The beauty is that you can now see the kitchen from the door we use to enter the house and I can see people come in when I am cooking.  It's so much better (already)!

Framing it out.

First layer put on.

 Plaster casts for firebox surround installed.

TV finally installed so I can lay on the couch and enjoy the comforts of a TV room.

Painting the mantle.
 This grey seems a little dark and blueish.  It may require a new color.

Overall, transformation is extremely satisfying!
You like?


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