Saturday, November 23, 2013

DIY weekend

Regardless of this and the previous post I am not, I repeat, am NOT a DIYer.  I am a quitter.  Better yet, I'm an ideas gal.  I come up with the concept, but my execution lacks finesse and often lacks actual finishing.  This is why I am a great purchaser and hire-er.


I purchased a Moroccan Wedding blanket on my honeymoon in Marrakesch and since then I've wished that I snapped up a few more or at least a more flamboyant and sparkly one.  I can buy them any day of the week online, but it's nice to know I actually picked mine out in a souk.  While out yard sale-ing earlier this month, I spotted a huge and very shimmery wedding blanket and snagged it for $20.

See?  Shimmery!

I did my best to spot clean it and got it in my head I wanted to use it to make a large ottoman for my dressing room.

Not a new idea, people.  Have your very own from Calypso Home.

However, I like it and thought I could do it cheap.

So, I purchased a hideous looking ottoman of the right size from Home Goods.

I even talked them down on price because there were two tiny tears in the bonded "leather," which I learned after lugging it home & flipping over is cancer causing.  Really. A tag on the bottom said that this darn thing causes cancer.  Decoration before health though, right? *

I wrapped the wedding blanket around it like a present,

And then nailed the fabric to the bottom frame with small picture nails.  I also had a staple gun, but because I was not ready to cut the blanket up, using fewer nails on the corners worked well for now.


*This author does not condone bringing cancer causing agents into a home.  Prospective clients, please fear not.

Also - harmful carcinogens result if the ottoman were to burn.

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  1. The super great "Ideas" author is also pulling off a great accomplishment as a DIY,er. Love the look and the added reflection in the full length mirror nearby. The side chairs are gorgeous.