Friday, February 27, 2015

Why I've gone dark

I wish I could report on an incredible sabbatical that kept me from blogging for about a year, but I can't.  I wish that the great hiatus gave me time to be inspired and begin again with fresh eyes, but I can't really do that either.

I just miss writing a little blurb now and again.  Keeping a blog up helps to organize my inspiration and without that inspiration, how good can I be at my job?  I love what I do for a living, so I am going to attempt to re-start maison de lise.  While renovations keep a better narrative for a blog (hello: before and afters!), I think there are great things happing in the world of design, fashion, food and travel that get me excited and will keep me motivated.  Blogging for me is like going to the gym.  Except it doesn't help me fit into my summer skinny jeans.  Hard to maintain, but worth it.

Why I like monotone interiors:  They are the cool girl of interiors.  The Parisian of interiors.

Uber moody and chic

Venetian plaster walls add a richness to this airy room

Linen, leather and wood are natural.  Nature is the best composer.

Feminine and soothing.  Various textures keep this serene environ from being boring.

A traditional and inviting bedroom

This must be French.  I need to go and read Proust on that daybed right now.

Very groovy Moroccan vibe.  Missing Marrakech

Daryl Carter can do no wrong in my book.  It's about great pieces and pared down spaces.

This has more contrast than the rest, but the natural wood and amazing Apparatus light fixture just kill.

Tonal rooms are a palette cleanser.  They are all timeless to me.  I like.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Winter whites

No. Body. Likes. February.  Unless they live in the tropics.
Which I will do one day ... just like my parents.

What I do get to enjoy is this.

And think how it inspires this:

Enjoy this:

(that's me!)

And think about making this:

Friday, December 20, 2013

holiday cheer

Even though I'm a decorator, I am not over-the-top with holiday decor.  I like a little bit.  Natural is my preference (flowers that represent the season & evergreens for Christmas).  And I love a tree!

When we are deep in December and you head home after it's already been dark for two hours to find the roads like parking lots and ice or slush mucking it all up, anything creative you've done in the day has evaporated into the impossible to temperature control air of your car.  Then you're 45 minutes into a drive that should take 15 and you see flashing signs indicating the next exit, your exit, will take another 20 minutes.  Then you find that you're gripping the steering wheel and scanning the radio because you've already heard All Things Considered when you first got in the car.
When you finally slip into your drive way, how nice is it to see this?

And then come inside to smell the best smell of forest pine.

This is the biggest damn tree we've ever gotten!

It's beginning to look like Christmas.

This time of year makes me corny.  I don't care.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Stair Runners

I finally got my long awaited stair runners replaced.  There is a slight snafu with the "back" stair so I will have a little painting to do this weekend, however, I am super happy with the new goods!
Before there was a gray and slightly corporate looking runner.  It was probably 15 years old and while it camouflaged dirt really well, it was not very pretty.

The back stair had the same carpet.

Picking out something fun for the back stair that we use to go to our bedroom.  It's also the first thing you see when you come in the oft used side door.  Dash & Albert samples available through Hudson.

I knew I wanted sisal on the main stairs.  This is from Steven King (to the trade).

Another before of the back stairs with paint color swatches

Exposed treads.

On it's way!

If I had a wider staircase, I would have done a wider contrast border for more interest, but it's actually a little narrow in person (which is surprising), so I kept it really simple.


I specified wall-to-wall carpet for the back stairs, but then mis-communicated when I asked the installer if I can use the Dash & Albert runners for the area.  He assumed that I wanted a runner instead.  Now I have some old beat up stairs exposed on either side.  Thus my aforementioned paint project.  Glad this wasn't a client's job.

Front stairs are pretty at night with the Christmas garland.