Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ikea light transformed

I can't take credit for this DIY Ikea light transformation.  I've seen it on many design blogs.  What can I say?  It's a goodie.

Like all Ikea items, the fixture comes in a box full of parts; assembly required.  I suggested we paint the white paper lantern gold or two-tone.  It was settled that the interior would be gold (in hopes it would glow) and the exterior would be navy blue.

We painted the interior of the paper starbursts first.

Then the outside.  The blue did not come out as navy as advertised, but I think spray paint on paper comes out a little different than the color on the can implies.

We clipped on each paper piece to the "antenna."

And then the "antenna" onto the globe frame.

Halfway there.

And Viola!  Looks cool at night.  The gold glows warmly and the shadows on the ceiling and walls are great!

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