Monday, May 24, 2010

sod it solstice, summer shall start

OK.  So it's not officially here.  Why is it that the winter really takes over the year?  This year, I am claiming summer to start early.  I am planning a kick off bbq this weekend in lovely Orient, Long Island.  (the tip of the North Fork.  It's the narrow top bit of the island that is split to 2 forks).
  I cannot wait to return to our cottage.  It's been painted and looks fantastically fresh.  It's ready for me to come in with pillows and vases of flowers.
Speaking of,  I also can't wait to start yard sale-ing to gather vessels for my wedding flower arrangements.  Here is some inspiration for that.
Nice patina on some old silver pitchers.

I've got a good start on these from my childhood collection, but could always add a few more.  These are nice as they don't get in the way of conversation at tables.
ah summertime.

progress is not always seen

Though I have no imagery to show, a forward momentum is in the air.  After a successful meeting of the minds last week, I feel that we will be on our way with lots of dust and destruction this week.  I have chosen most all of the finishes - from floors, tiles, sinks and faucets to grout and door knobs.  I look forward to a trip to source all my tile desires this week.

The one sore spot has been the large kitchen window that we are installing.  I have been dreaming of the most expensive and beautiful window and door for this wall, but alas it is way beyond budget.  With a few options that are half the price, I feel complacent.  I know it will look great (not as magnificent as my dream windows, see below), but still great!

One day, they shall be mine!  one day.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

great find.

Been meaning to post this, but Remodelista beat me to it today.
I thought I would post it when we started re-doing our lovely outdoor space to create an urban oasis.  This chair would be a good addition, and it's comfortable.
Oh, well, I will follow remodelista's suit and show you what I found at Ikea about a month ago.
Great outdoor chair!  About 60 bucks.

Friday, May 14, 2010

demo begins

Here is the start of my documenting the renovation process of our new home.  The excitement has died down and the anticipation and nerves are ramped up.  Here are a few before photos.  I'll keep posting on the progress.


Living Room:


Thursday, May 13, 2010

the spoils?

After a soggy and cold day at the Brimfield antique fair, I have not much to show.  It was fairly successful for my companions and we are all plotting to return in July.
As long as the temperature is bearable.
I did manage to scoop up some black door knobs that I've wanted.  I left them behind last year because I didn't really have the use for them.  Now that we are renovating our new home, I have perfect reason.

I also spotted s few of the antique mason jars that I amassed last year.  They are to be the vessels for my flower arrangements at my September wedding.  I had been bummed out to find that mason jars were "so out" according to New York Magazine, but I am heartened now that I saw these jars going for $30 to $50 each (I got them for $3 to $8 last year!!).  All it takes is a bargain.

Whether you come home empty handed or not, the search is always valuable.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

brimfield or bust

On this pink and gold morning, I sip coffee at an ungodly hour to fortify myself for the drive to Brimfield antique market.  I should note, the two other diehards that I am meeting this morning at 6am are the catalyst for my early rise.  (They are bringing bagels).  We will "rock, paper scissors" for who has to drive the U-Haul first.   We are all focused on scoring some real finds for our new homes.  Keep your fingers crossed that we will have some treasures to post upon my return.  I should also note that today the forecast calls for rain.  I will try to take some pics of the three of us traipsing around in the mud.
This should be interesting.

My dream would be to locate an old knock off light that resembles this Jean Prouve for my LR or DR:
Wish us luck!