Monday, November 11, 2013

more lighting

Here is the continuation of our lighting installation.
The most important and risky choice was the master bedroom chandelier.  I say risky because I ordered a chandelier through a catalog and didn't spend an arm and a leg.  When it comes to crystal chandeliers, I find them cheap and tacky looking if they are not, you know, expensive.  Very expensive.  And vintage.
Opening the box, I had doubts.  Plus, I had to put it together, strand by strand.

Frame was installed.

And the process begins.  One strand at a time.

Paused for a hand cramp.  One more layer to go.


Please do not judge the venetian blinds.  They are outta here this week!  More on that soon.

We also added a ceiling light at the top of the stairs.

A similar style pendant to the side mud room:

My beloved Punch sconce to the ceiling at the back stair case.  This one needs a different bulb.

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