Thursday, April 26, 2012

Decorative art

I read about Cayce Zavaglia in Elle Decor and was so impressed with her arresting embroidered portraits.

Yes, they are needle point.  The last is a close up.

 I thought about a friend & fellow art student from undergrad days, Chris Bogia, who makes incredible art pieces from meticulously placing yarn to create large scale portraits (among other things).  Here, famously, his album covers of essential idols Joni Mitchell, Nico & Nina Simone  

yarn on wood, glass, walnut, rope, West Elm rug, ceramic

yarn on canvas, fabric, West Elm hardware, wood, mirror, glass, Jonathan Adler ceramic greyhounds, water, dye, dog leashes

yarn on wood, ceramic, wood, George Nelson sconce, West Elm Rug and side table, glass, personal lubricant, cock ring

 Yes, those 2D pieces are made from all yarn.

His pieces are also quite arresting, I mean check out the highlights in yarn!  I love his "meditation on a Jonathan Adler pillow" pieces.  

Meditation on a Jonathan Adler pillow (It Gets Better)
yarn on wood, wood, Jonathan Adler pillow, glass, Jonathan Adler customized rug

Meditation on a Jonathan Adler pillow
yarn on wood, Jonathan Adler pillow, West Elm side table

There is more to Chris and his art installations: shrines to gay culture, for example, but what resonates with me most is his passion for decorative arts.  At a time when we were so young and incredibly earnest and identifying ourselves, Chris had unwavering confidence, skill and chutzpah.  He always had a passion for decorative arts.  What could be considered secondary, even kitsch to our molding sensibility, decoration was an art form to him.  It makes me proud to be a decorator today.  I find creating beautiful spaces to be incredibly important and I think other people understand that when they experience it.  It just took me longer to define my path.

Can't help thinking of Joni's "Blue" playing through our shared apartment all semester while we studied in Florence.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Entry tiles

I've been dragging my heels (or getting distracted) from tiling the floor of my mini-vestibule.  It's a 12 square foot tiny space between my front door and the entry door which creates a wee bit of insulation from the outside world.  It's been painted with a great Farrow & Ball color, Pitch Blue.
Pitch Blue

We've installed a sweet perforated light fixture which gives a nice constellation effect in the evening.
Filigree Sphere

Now we need to do the floor.  Here's what I'm thinking.
Originally, we wanted to put in a Moroccan mosaic.

Each can be customized with color.  I fear becoming too theme-y, but the space is so tiny and will be partially covered with a mat so I think it's a safe place to go bold.
Another likely solution is the Kibak Tile in Andalusia from Ann Sacks.
Again, this would be in a custom color palette.  I also always liked the Paccha tiles from Ann Sacks, but I think it's a bit too trendy and I'm after more than two tones.

Recently, I discovered Popham Design and I love their handmade tiles.  I am drawn to the soft and dusty finish.

 Some of the colors I may go for along with a bit of black:

Let's hope I just chose something and get it done before summer!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lulu DK fabric for children

Last week Lulu DK (deKwiatkowski) visited the Boston Design Center for a panel discussion about her new fabric line for children for Schumacher.  I think her painting translates really well into these fabrics & wall coverings.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

New from Lindsey Adelman

More beautiful designs from Lindsey Adelman.

The Shady Side Candlesticks 

Refraction Tiles for Carwan Gallery

Agnes chandelier

10 bulb Agnes in bronze

20 bulb Agnes in brushed brass

Beautiful as a double installtion

Lindsey in action.
Click here for more details.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jason Wu for Canvas

Spotted this on another blog (thanks Habitually Chic!) & I am very excited to spread the word.  I quickly checked out, which I should read rather than waiting for the paper tome to drop through my mail slot.  The Jason Wu/Canvas Collaboration is just excellent & I can't wait to get my hands on some of the pieces.
I especially love the tapered legs & brass details.

Photos by Evan Sung for Vogue