Thursday, August 26, 2010

addition to lighting

Must share the great new light fixture that I purchased for Isabel's room:
She has great taste!

all work and no play...

...leads to lack of inspiration.  Or I should say, lack of documenting it.  Really it's a poor excuse.  Inspiration is everywhere.  I have been pouring some of my energy into my upcoming nuptials and therefore not sharing my inspiration and house progress here.
There has been a stand still on the renovation because we are waiting for the city to give us an approval on an inspection.  (Thus no new pictures of said non-progress).  In my dreamworld, the approval comes tomorrow and the house is done in two weeks.  Uh, yeah, right.

Instead of posting literal progress, I'll post some inspiration.  Which IS progress people! 
I've been thinking about the design of our outdoor space.  I think I've got it pretty pegged.
Here are some great images to keep the momentum going:

Lovely vibe.  
We shall be adding some horizontal fencing to our courtyard.
(p.s.  it's so much about the strings of lights, which I'd also like to use at my wedding)

Heart the formal aspect.  And the hanging chair.

Again with the horizontal lines.  I'm very in love with the triangular sail cover.  Not exactly New England friendly, but visually groovy.

So nice.  Organized, clean, modern and still lush.

Deck & stone ground.

Our gravel courtyard (ok, so it's not our courtyard.  We will not have the yard.)


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Is there a ghost in my house?

Or a past fire?

Will the framing keep it within or without?

Will the soffit & new window?
In hopes the next post will illustrate a real transformation.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kitchen chairs

We purchased the kitchen chairs (before the table - which is a no-no).
Oh well.  I like them & they were a steal.  They are actually plastic, can be dragged outside and are virtually indestructible.  They will fit in well with the white kitchen.  I nice graphic touch.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I have finalized my lighting choices for the whole house.  I am pretty in love with my choices.
Here they are!

Dining Room:

Stair hallway (3 of them):
This will be in zinc finish

Master Bedroom sconces:

Powder Room sconces:

Kids Bath sconces:

We also have a terrific antique chandelier that we are placing in the LR over a side table.  Thanks to the ever groovy Kevin's advice.

Monday, August 2, 2010

kitchen wall & floor

As you can see the floor has been leveled and we will see the floorboards installed next week.  Our exposed brick wall is looking good.  Once it's all painted out white, I am hoping our cave will feel expansive and ready to host many meals.

Some inspiration for our kitchen look:

Open shelves with white marble and cabinets.

I've considered black lower cabinets, but do you see how high the ceilings are here?  Not so much with our kitchen.  Keeping it light instead.

Though this doesn't quite capture our space, I like the rustic table with the very thin top.