Friday, July 19, 2013

Rose Uniacke

Inevitably, I come to Rose Uniacke when I want to refresh and define my design style.  I love the spare and pared down aesthetic.  There is a celebration of antique and modern and her work feels elegant but comfortable.  She recently expanded her storefront and studio on London's Plimco road.

She designed the Jo Malone headquarters and event space in London.

Another amazing project.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Porter Teleo

I've admired the painterly wallpaper by Porter Teleo and the admiration was reinforced while fabric shopping at the Martin Group in the Boston Design Center.  The large format hand painted wall covering is modern and also seems ancient somehow.

The fabrics are amazing as well.

Porter Teleo is a line of hand printed and hand painted wall covering and fabrics developed by artist Kelly Porter and interior designer Bridgett Cochran.  "The product enlivens the best of fine art and high design, presenting a bold, distinctive color palette with refined aesthetic."  This is achieved through methods of fine art processes, such as woodblocking and painting and a special printmaking technique called chine-colle.  The style references ancient Japanese screens, architectural ornamentation and Ms. Porter's painterly hand.
You may recognize these products in Kelly Werstler's work.  I understand why she is a fan and I see it's influence on her own fabric line for Groundworks.
The graphic element combined with the artistic hand has splendid results. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

more ingredients for creative pie

As I last posted (yesterday), I was on hiatus for a time and espoused the importance of a well lived life.  Because, well, it goes fast.  Nature was featured in my pictorial story which I will continue and add travel (and a few other ingredients). 

Travel will always be the best way for me to refresh vision and inspire new ideas and fresh perspective.

Great music plus great friends equal creative juices running over.

NEVER stop looking at art.

Guillaume Leblon

Xu Bing's Phoenix

Sol LeWitt

Above two: Jason Middlebrook

Above two: Sol LeWitt

Visiting a winery or two doesn't hurt either!


Monday, July 8, 2013

back from hiatus

It's not a new discovery that I am inconsistent when it comes to blogging.  Like taking vitamins or jogging, I write when inspiration hits or time allows.  Really, a combination of both is required.

Whilst taking a blogging break, I was gathering said inspiration in the form of art, travel and nature as well as from friends and family.  Beautiful design comes from the life well lived.

Nature always inspires.

A grand lawn

Great pattern in lichen

Doe, a deer.