Thursday, June 23, 2011

Current obsessions

We rent a cottage, the "Sandbox," that is not much larger than one.  We dub our weekends at Sandbox: "glorified camping."
This is our view - you would go too!
 We have no space or closets to speak of.  All this is fine because we live outside on the beach.  The way I see it, beach life should require interior square footage to be limited.  Stay outside!  See what happened to the Hamptons?  Sagaponack is filled with mega- mansions pumped with central air.  I am sure everyone's blow out is not frizzed, but can they smell the salt air?  I mean, why come to the beach?

I digress.  Without closet space and with two, dare I say it, almost teens, some space is sought after.  At least for laundry and towels.
I am all about baskets.  Not original, I know.  Living in a cottage for a few days means 3 towels per person somehow, and at least two changes of clothes for all.  After a day, we would be up to our knees in laundry (without any way to do said laundry).  While baskets take up valuable floor space, they also can add charm, texture and the beachy touch that I love.

Here are a few of the things that I can't get enough of:

From West Elm:
One of these lives in Boston in the dressing room.  I liked it so much I got another.

Have the squat one in our Boston master bath for towels.  It slides below our floating vanity for some texture in the modern space.  Plus, my black stripe obsession was satisfied.

Just ordered one of these for shoes at the front door, or it will come to Orient for towels.

From the Container Store:

Got one of these for magazines.  It also comes in a super washed out driftwood color.

Used the blue version of this basket in a client's child's bath.  It's super cute to store back-up soap & shampoo. 
Grabbed a few of these for no better reason than I love B&W stripes.  I used them in Boston master closet to store blankets, pillows and off season sweaters.  I want more for Orient, but I am undergoing hypnosis to restrain the urge.

Looks good though!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just in time for summer

New window treatments in the living room to keep it cool, allow for privacy, and give it a finished look.  Off white burlap Roman shades:

In the dressing room, natural sheer linen lined Roman shades:

Also added, a new light in the dressing room:


Want to share our great find in Greenport, Long Island from a few weekends ago.  
New bedside tables:


Monday, June 13, 2011

project progress

I am so excited to install the master bedroom in a project that I've been working on.  The painting is almost done.  We've gone with a great dark trim with just enough sheen. It's a soft grey-brown called Iron Gate.   Getting the ceiling color was a challenge.  It started with silver, pewter metallic and now we have a very fresh soft blue.  Ceiling paint is tricky.  It does not reflect light the way walls do and you can be very surprised by what you get.
Sneak peek:
I'll post more pictures when it's all installed.

For the same project, we found this fabulous carpet for the living room:
It's so very happy. The palette is surprisingly cheery.

There is a definite dark & light side.

Stair runner installed.

Missed this one in my before & after post.  A favorite re-upholstery job on a super lovely antique chair.