Sunday, January 16, 2011

for your consideration

Here are the pieces that are on my mind to add to our home.
For the living room:

John Derian 6' field bench.  Available at Lekker Home.

Maybe these swivel chairs to add a super seventies vibe.
Available at Machine Age.

Or this wild woven chair:

Still on the market for a coffee table and something for our dressing room.  Any thoughts?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

making small steps

I've been loving living here.  This is my dream house.  Not too big, not too small and right in the city (ok, not the city, but a city).  Put up some more art.  Created a nice gallery in the hallway. What an improvement from all the frames leaning on the floor for weeks.

Room (though not much) for a few more if they come my way.

Shelves up in Isabel's room.
 This great mirror from Wisteria.  The dressing room is not quite styled up yet.
Found a great home for these amazing paintings of the kids, right off the kitchen where we pass by them a million times a day.

Now we are on the search for living room furniture and a few other key pieces.  I'm on the hunt for a chaise, a bench, a pair of chairs (or one great one), and a small chair for the dressing room.  There is still a dearth of furnishings in the master bedroom, but that will come together one of these days.  Keep checking in to see my finds! 

Monday, January 3, 2011

it's a new year.

We just returned to our new home after a great trip to mountains.  It was refreshing.  It was awakening.  It was simple.

Coming back.  I took down the tree, vacuumed the house and threw out a few pair of jeans.

This was a successful time away.  Fresh air gives fresh perspective.

They really can add a good amount of light to the trees!

This is the most magnificent view from where we love to share some fondue.  It's excellent.  

Heading to the other side.

Beauty undetected.

We had an amazing time.

It's a bit hard to describe what we are feeling.  I promise to get back to home design that really speaks to what interiors mean to our lives.  My best.