Tuesday, December 10, 2013

home for holidays

While my house is almost "complete,"  ok - will never be complete, it is, starting to look a lot like the holidays in there.  That makes me happy.  The following are updates on the den where we spend most of our time lounging and watching TV.  It's connected to the kitchen and next to the dining room, so it was also a hang out during Thanksgiving weekend which I was so pleased to host this year!
First timer!

 We reupholstered our vintage Knoll sofa and I'm so pleased with it's new life.  We also now have our window treatments up, but not before I snapped these.

Before the original orange Knoll fabric was ripped and stained and in general tired.  Plus too much orange for me:

I threw this pic in because when I replaced the kitchen counters I added an overhang to the peninsula.  This is now a great place for friends and family to perch and help prep! 

Thanksgiving table.

I went shopping for some napkin rings, but my favorites were pricey vintage pieces and I just can't spend any more money right now.  Some floral twine made festive work & doubled as sculpting material for my creative family.

 I also ran some black construction paper as a runner with chalk in silver julep cups to encourage more creativity.  (I'm from a long line of doodlers and sketch artists.  Yes, very sketchy)  

Family made use of the den to put their feet up after feasting.  Who's in charge of getting that fire going?

Next Up: Christmas decorations.  Wreaths are hung, mantles are swathed in evergreens and I'm dying to put up a tree.  I'll report back with home for the holidays part II.

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