Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Kids' bath

The bath at the top of the stairs is what the kids' share and overnight guests will use.  Some before pictures (which I know are terrible) illustrate the dark blue walls, dark wood trim and Victorian sensibility of the space.

The above three pictures, I am backing out of the room into the top hallway.  Sort of afraid.

Ideally, we would have knocked out the corner where the shower is and installed a large glass enclosure.  It would have really opened up the room and brightened it up tremendously.  After considering budget, time and two teens getting ready for school in the morning, we decided to keep it as is.  It's a private shower with nice simple tiles and is actually quite tall when you are inside.  It's not too cramped.

 Backsplash has to go.  The vanity too.  I saved the faucet for use in the downstairs powder room.  I should note, I kind of wanted to re-use that crazy marble because I think it's super cool.  In this context, it was not cool.  It was just kinda' crazy.

The floors were an ugly color of pink and yellow mashed up.

Choice one for floor paint was Farrow & Ball's Pale Powder.  It was too pale and, frankly, too powdery.  It looked dirty all the time.  And a bit dull.  It would be beautiful on walls of a bedroom, a sun room or a dining room with really dark floors.

I re-used a pedestal sink from one of the bathrooms that we combined to make the master bathroom.  I bought another of the same (Kohler Memoirs) and it made all the difference.  The floor space has grown and it feels much more airy.  You loose storage without a vanity, but there are original built in drawers and shelves that hold all the spill over of towels and toiletries just outside of the door.

New sconces with an additional in the middle helped to brighten the room even further.

We opted for a brand new blue paint that just came out from Farrow & Ball, St. Giles Blue, and are much happier with the result.  I also reused two wall-mounted medicine cabinets from the old master bath and had them painted out white.

I'll include some final styled pictures when I add the updates from the other baths.

A sneak peak on the powder room:

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