Tuesday, October 29, 2013

master bath part I

I've been holding off on posts because they are all waiting on that final snap shot of the finished product.  All projects big and small seem to linger with a punch list.  The list gets smaller but there is always something holding back from having a satisfied finish.  So many circumstances prevent a final coat of paint, or a sconce install; often it's a back ordered part that leaves you 'so-close-yet-so-far.'

Such is the case with our Master Bath.  We are waiting on a back-ordered vanity which I pray comes before Thanksgiving.

In the meantime, I'll post some before pictures and the elements that are making up the new space.  I will leave final finished pics for, well, you know, when it is.

First step was to combine two small baths that were back to back to make one master bath.

The two spaces were a bit strange because while one served as a master, the other didn't really connect to any other room.  It's entrance along a narrow hallway to the master bedroom.   More on that later.
I drew up some ideas and the one that stuck was where a free standing tub sat in the middle of the room and abutted a standing shower with a panel of glass along the back wall.

Here are the elements:

Zuma freestanding rectangular tub

 All Hansgrohe Axor Montreux fixtures in polished nickel

RH Whitby medicine cabinet

Down to the studs:

This is the shower along the far left wall that I call the back wall.

Tub has to wait in the living room for inspections to pass.


Taking shape, moisture barriers, boards and sub floor are in.

Tiling begins.

Worst picture, but lights were not in yet.

There is radiant heat under that slate floor.  Yeah!

 This tub is quite deep and so comfortable.

 Beautiful fixtures.  Blend classic and clean lines.

Before the glass panel was installed.

OK, that's it so far.  Next will episode to air when the vanity arrives, window treatments are in and the room gets some art and a styling session.
Stay tuned.


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