Friday, December 20, 2013

holiday cheer

Even though I'm a decorator, I am not over-the-top with holiday decor.  I like a little bit.  Natural is my preference (flowers that represent the season & evergreens for Christmas).  And I love a tree!

When we are deep in December and you head home after it's already been dark for two hours to find the roads like parking lots and ice or slush mucking it all up, anything creative you've done in the day has evaporated into the impossible to temperature control air of your car.  Then you're 45 minutes into a drive that should take 15 and you see flashing signs indicating the next exit, your exit, will take another 20 minutes.  Then you find that you're gripping the steering wheel and scanning the radio because you've already heard All Things Considered when you first got in the car.
When you finally slip into your drive way, how nice is it to see this?

And then come inside to smell the best smell of forest pine.

This is the biggest damn tree we've ever gotten!

It's beginning to look like Christmas.

This time of year makes me corny.  I don't care.

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