Wednesday, May 30, 2012

orient interior

While I was enjoying my first trip to the outer banks in north carolina, I was very inspired by the wind swept dunes and wide beach.  The ocean really has power to take away stress and make one feel a little lighter.

The trip meant that we didn't move into our Orient cottage.  It was for the best since a few more days (weeks?) are needed to finalize the renovations.  For one: walling in the outdoor shower - yay!  Second: painting throughout.  

Cabinets were installed while I visited on Mother's Day weekend.

Reminder of the before cabinets.

I hope to spend next weekend putting together the kids' beds (Ikea $40 each!) and painting them.  I'm thinking grey or soft blue or just glossy white like the floors.

 Then trying out my rugs, and putting together the little living room.
I purchased something similar to this dhurrie (though mine has blue that is paler) at Mohr McPherson.

We purchased the Karlestad sofa at Ikea.

If you recall, I was inspired by this sofa decked in Les Indiennes fabric.

I have a few of these Ikea pillows along with a raw drop cloth to cover the white Karlestad sofa.  Something to enable me to shake out the sand and crumbs periodically.

I spotted these in the Wisteria catalog (but I'm holding off):

If you've read any of my posts, you will know that I have a problem purchasing pillows.  I end up with so many because it's what I can afford on a whim.  I won't bore you with the other pillows that I'll be trying out.

I purchased these light weight outdoor tables from West Elm, perfect for the porch.

Looking forward to putting it all together.  More importantly, I am looking forward to spending time on the exterior.  The beach.

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