Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Orient cottage re-do, part 1

Part one of our little rehab to the charming and tiny cottage where we spend the summers starts at Ikea.  It is a rental, after all.  I am a huge fan of Ikea kitchens because I think that the product is sound and the price is just right.  The simple Scandinavian styles are in my wheel house as well.
(What I am not in line with is the amount of time we spent waiting inside the small continent that is Ikea.)  We may have lost the day, but here is what we gained:

The "Stat" cabinet front was chosen to keep the cottage feel.

  Checking out the options.
 This is the sink & the counter (oak butcher block).
We went with this cart. It matched the cabinets and had good open storage below.
 Maybe some shelves for above the sink.  Will wait until all the cabinets are in.
Final faucet choice.  The more traditional farmhouse style was more flimsy to the touch.

All of our cabinets, the sink, faucet and a rolling cart were purchased and, amazingly, in stock!  We delivered them to Orient last weekend.  All 77 boxes.  

Already ordered the cabinet knobs from Crown City Hardware.

And a few drawer pulls from Anthropologie.

Wallpaper choices hanging in my city kitchen.  Hhmmm....taking votes.

Here is a before picture of the Orient kitchen:

 Stay tuned!  Here's to hope we get this done by Memorial Day weekend.


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