Monday, August 29, 2011

Pouf Pouf Baby

I've been dubbed pouf baby by my husband.  
This is funny for a few reasons.  The first is because it's an hilarious name.  The second is because our summer neighbors have a Pomeranian that they have called Puff Baby.  (It's puffy when not shorn and small & sweet like a baby.)  The third is because it's retro, as in: not Pouf Diddy, nor is it Pouf Mommy (also funny).
It's funny because there is some truth in the moniker: I am a bit pouf crazy.  It's not as though I set out to be, but in about '09, I graduated from a pillow overload person to a pouf person.  

They are the easiest thing to add to a room without the space or cost commitment of a piece of furniture.  I have a pair of antique Moroccan orange leather ones that I'll never regret buying.  I've recommended at least one to almost every client.  
Embarrassed to admit it that.  

But they are great.  For kids, for guests, for foot stools, for a little shock of color.  For the hell of it.  When shopping for accessories to add to a room, I may shout out "how about a pouf, Baby?"

John Derian has the best, 
but here are some other great ones.  Lot's work well in kids' rooms:

Above from Anthropologie

Above available through Etsy

Above from Serena & Lily

Above available at Mohr & McPherson

From CB2

Above available through Tazi Designs.

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