Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Move in part deux

In the testing out rugs stage.  Not sure what works best here in the kitchen.  
Gonna live with them for a while.

This one works somehow, but it interferes with out back door.  Hmm.

Bookshelves are still awesome.  
Getting organized is at a snail's pace.

Not yet organized den shelves & a terrible photograph (new iphone not mastered). 

The plate on the ceiling indicates where our Moroccan lantern will hang.

Does Ellie the elephant table belong in the powder room?

The wire trash can certainly does.  
Thanks Gustavasons/Olsens/Boardmans!

Do I really have the ubiquitous stump?  Well, yes. yes I do.  I'll find a corner for it to hide happily.

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