Tuesday, November 16, 2010

baby it's been a while

mostly because there is not much to show.


It's been hard to make what we had work, so lots of arranging and ridding, and then re-arranging have been happening.
This is our non-arranged DR chandelier.  I've enlisted help.  One person's post is on a step stool, one a few steps back and then the switching of places ensues until both parties are satisfied with the arm balance.

This is our sofa showroom.  We are in the midst of getting rid of sofas.  Suggestions?

My kitchen workstation avec brussels sprouts from the farmers market.

One of the beautiful mid-century sofas.  To sell or to store?

What is with this manic TV watching station?  Send help!

At least I know one thing.  These fellas will hang on the wall where they are perpendicularly resting from.

I am sort of embarrassed, but I know that this place will get together!  It just goes to show: all of you looking for a designer to whip your place into shape: it can happen & you need help, but it is a process and not a magic pill.  Best of luck!  (To me too)

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