Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Move in part 1

We have been in le maison for an entire 8 days.  It's been the longest 8 days. ever.
Moving = opposite of vacation.
Some progress has been made, but it is by far over.  There are people working on each floor as I write this and I am not sure if I'm safe here on the island that is my bed.

Move in day.  The pillow pile begins.

Um.  I think I need one more small round side table.  
In brown.

Getting the kitchen chairs in.  Great find.

Where will our walnut coffee table live?

Mattress delivery.  Between 2 & 5pm.  Or 6pm.  No, 7:30pm.  Thanks.

My Ikea figures.  I've cropped out the "?" bubble.

This PB rug from our old MBR works well in Finn's room.  Warning to neat freaks: it sheds. A lot.  Do not use on dark floors.  Hhmpf.

Blue sky through new skylight.

Crazy fixture part one.

Our beautiful chandelier that needs to be lowered.  Anyone know of someone who would retie some similar rope to extend this down?

Number 1.

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