Friday, September 3, 2010

to illustrate my point further.

Once again, my daily dose of Remodelista gives me more Moroccan influences.  This time I am excited because a light fixture that I spec'd had become unavailable last month in the size that I needed.  Lo' and behold, the fixture (or one very similar) appeared in today's post:

I think I will wait until I get to Morocco before I make any more lighting purchases.

Check out the blog for more great picts and Moroccan
The Villa K's pool and Tom Dixon light make me swoon.

On to other things lights.
This chandelier is great and reminds me of a companion to our beautiful vintage rope and chunky crystal chandelier.

At Terrain, along with the filigree pendant above.

Here are some of the lanterns that I got to decorate a large tree at our wedding location:

So, fine, these are from Ikea (first 2) and West Elm, but the tree will be illuminated.
Said tree:

I will try not to go off topic in the next post, but you can expect me to go dark for pretty much the rest of September.  Wedding is in T minus 9 days.  I'll not bore you with too many details, but if it's decor related I may give you a dose.  
Enjoy September!

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