Tuesday, September 7, 2010

the importance of lighting..

...should never be overlooked.  I realize that I will be getting married in four days, but I want to make sure that an outdoor light is ordered for the most fabulous courtyard that will be created at the new abode.
Getting ahead of myself.

Lighting is key.  Anyone (who has walked into a restaurant with expectations of mastery from the kitchen after reading rave reviews in the Wednesday NYTs to find poor garish lighting and has turned on their heel to walk out), knows this.

So you can understand why the choice of each light fixture in one's home has it's own arc in the decision-making process.  Yes, I have personified the light fixture.  geeesh.

The outdoor lighting is key.  There shall be fixtures that subtly uplight the minimal foliage and the fencing around the perimeter.  A glow.  There shall also be the light above the door.  This fixture needs to be in keeping with the aesthetic of the house, vaguely industrial, not too precious and not too modern.  Thus the barn light image above and below.

I am going to go with the classic barn light with classic goose neck pictured.  I am going to go with the french green, the galavanized metal OR the (surprise, surprise) black finish.  It'll look great either way.  Kevin agrees with my first choices of black or galvanized, so you know,  it will be one of the two.


  1. I love these fixtures and love your blog. My friend Tracy turned me on to it. Happy wedding. kelly McGuill o so d

  2. Thank you Kelly! Love your blog too. The title is great!