Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Inspection passes.

And the sprint begins.  Lots to do in the house & I hope the before and after pictures will astound (me).  

Picked out the Calcutta marble for our kitchen counters yesterday.  
Love stone yards (or in this case, warehouses).  Each slab is like a work of art.  Abstract modernism, watery landscapes, and some exude a piece Pollack would have done had he taken up watercolors.  

I'm a bit of a one trick pony with stone, though. 
I like white marble.   
This looks more grey in the picture due to poor lighting.

This is bianco dolomiti which will be for the master bath vanity(honed).

I also like soap stone and very simple grey-black stone.
This would be good for my parents kitchen.

I don’t love granite. 

But man, I saw this lapis stone that was incredible! “very ‘World of Interiors’,” as we would say at C & J Katz Studio.
It's so blue in person.  It's like a pattern I've seen on a Dries dress.  Inspired!

The kitchen has new walls now!  Blue board is up and the plasterers are on the move on the top floor.  My pictures of the blueboard are less than stellar, so I will not bore you.  Trust me when I say, this is when it all takes shape.  Tiles are going in today in the master bath; and on Friday I expect to have loads of pictures to show you that progress.

Signing off ‘til then.

Oh, and maybe I will share some wedding pics too.  I can’t resist.  It was darn pretty.

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