Wednesday, September 1, 2010

my mind on morocco and morocco on my mind.

Have you ever noticed that the minute you get a vision for something to do in your home, you can't escape it?  It's as if everywhere I look I see the same idea.  Blogs, magazines, stores.  Mind you, I am not saying that I'm ahead of the curve.  Clearly, it takes a lot more planning to get stuff into stores and into the pages of magazines, but it still makes me scratch my head.

Of course, being part of a collective consciousness is pretty thrilling, but from a design standpoint, it can be downright frustrating.

Two recent posts on Remodelista did just that, but they made me smile in satisfaction. (Every magazine I pick up seems to have an article on Morocco!)  As I gear up for our trip to Morocco, I can't help but dream up ways to incorporate what we see into the new house.  It's not really a new concept, but I hope that my trip allows me to do it all in a fresh new way.
I have always loved Moroccan mosaic tile.  

For our very petite entry way, I hope to find a group of colorful Moroccan tiles.  It will be a welcome mat of color and cultcha'.  Something like this, perhaps?

I'll know it when I see it.  

Then of course, there is the riads in Marrakesh.
This is Riad Dixneuf la Ksour (and not where we are staying).

The above happen to also be from Remodelista's post.
White walls and black (or dark trim).  Just like my house.

The below are from Riad Farnatchi, where we are staying.

The orange accents look familiar.  Really glad I have my vintage Moroccan orange leather poufs.  I've not tired of them by a long shot.

I am certain to get much outdoor inspiration while there.

This is the right amount of drama for me.  Minimal palette, very strong.  Nice.
I cannot wait to see it all in person.

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