Thursday, May 13, 2010

the spoils?

After a soggy and cold day at the Brimfield antique fair, I have not much to show.  It was fairly successful for my companions and we are all plotting to return in July.
As long as the temperature is bearable.
I did manage to scoop up some black door knobs that I've wanted.  I left them behind last year because I didn't really have the use for them.  Now that we are renovating our new home, I have perfect reason.

I also spotted s few of the antique mason jars that I amassed last year.  They are to be the vessels for my flower arrangements at my September wedding.  I had been bummed out to find that mason jars were "so out" according to New York Magazine, but I am heartened now that I saw these jars going for $30 to $50 each (I got them for $3 to $8 last year!!).  All it takes is a bargain.

Whether you come home empty handed or not, the search is always valuable.

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