Monday, May 24, 2010

progress is not always seen

Though I have no imagery to show, a forward momentum is in the air.  After a successful meeting of the minds last week, I feel that we will be on our way with lots of dust and destruction this week.  I have chosen most all of the finishes - from floors, tiles, sinks and faucets to grout and door knobs.  I look forward to a trip to source all my tile desires this week.

The one sore spot has been the large kitchen window that we are installing.  I have been dreaming of the most expensive and beautiful window and door for this wall, but alas it is way beyond budget.  With a few options that are half the price, I feel complacent.  I know it will look great (not as magnificent as my dream windows, see below), but still great!

One day, they shall be mine!  one day.

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