Wednesday, May 12, 2010

brimfield or bust

On this pink and gold morning, I sip coffee at an ungodly hour to fortify myself for the drive to Brimfield antique market.  I should note, the two other diehards that I am meeting this morning at 6am are the catalyst for my early rise.  (They are bringing bagels).  We will "rock, paper scissors" for who has to drive the U-Haul first.   We are all focused on scoring some real finds for our new homes.  Keep your fingers crossed that we will have some treasures to post upon my return.  I should also note that today the forecast calls for rain.  I will try to take some pics of the three of us traipsing around in the mud.
This should be interesting.

My dream would be to locate an old knock off light that resembles this Jean Prouve for my LR or DR:
Wish us luck!

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