Monday, May 24, 2010

sod it solstice, summer shall start

OK.  So it's not officially here.  Why is it that the winter really takes over the year?  This year, I am claiming summer to start early.  I am planning a kick off bbq this weekend in lovely Orient, Long Island.  (the tip of the North Fork.  It's the narrow top bit of the island that is split to 2 forks).
  I cannot wait to return to our cottage.  It's been painted and looks fantastically fresh.  It's ready for me to come in with pillows and vases of flowers.
Speaking of,  I also can't wait to start yard sale-ing to gather vessels for my wedding flower arrangements.  Here is some inspiration for that.
Nice patina on some old silver pitchers.

I've got a good start on these from my childhood collection, but could always add a few more.  These are nice as they don't get in the way of conversation at tables.
ah summertime.

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