Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Picking paint colors

I think the most difficult task in decoration is deciding on a paint palette.  To state the overused, it's much easier to choose for other people than for oneself.  No question.  I like to think I have a good eye for color, complimentary combinations and a knack for choosing the right white.  I've created and assisted with paint palettes so many times that I expect it to be second nature.
Completely Not Happening.  It's the most difficult task for me right now.

Truth is, I am a white wall girl.  I am drawn to interiors that are tall and white.  Favorite designers like Daryl Carter, Rose Uniacke create spaces that feel timeless with their varied white & tonal interiors.  There are so many variations in white in the exact way that there are so many in light.  This is why these words rhyme.  They are the same thing.

I knew the original part of the house would be white.  A clean and fresh palette that allows the architecture to stand out on it's own.  The original windows boast enormous casings and a clean white coat of paint is sure to make them shine.

Other parts of the house can stand going dark and rich, while pass through areas are struggling with an bit of identity crisis.  I'll tell you, I am struggling right along with them.

 This small mudroom initially felt like it should have a dark olive green cocoon feeling.  After painting in there, I changed my mind and flipped back to keeping it white like a cottage. 

None of the above are winners.  What a difference paint on the wall makes from a tiny paint chip.  Information I know and spout to every client.  I do walk the walk when it comes to "swatching" paint.  

Above are areas I am still struggling with.

But if anyone still needed proof, painting is one of the most dramatic things you can do to a space:

While I still think this architecture added to the third floor is very strange and pretty ugly.  It's 100% better with a clean coat of Benjamin Moore's "Calm."

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