Tuesday, September 10, 2013

floors and frames

There has been a lot of progress on this reno project.  I'm not gonna lie and say it's easy to walk in each day to a real construction site when I know we move in within the month.  I'm talkin' 2 weeks, people.  It's pretty unsettling to most, but I am enjoying the process so far.  I will freak out 3 days before move in.  That is my panic window.
We removed a wall and small closet to allow breathing room into this space.

Getting ready for new floors here.

We removed and unsightly small yellow iron wood burning stove from this space.  It was not attractive & while a fire in the bedroom is a cozy thought, it didn't look good.

New flooring going down.  Though I would never have chosen this species or a pre-finished product, it was a good deal and the budget is stretched so very thin that it's headed to Fashion Week's runways.

The space feels so much lighter and more cohesive.

A big bed, furnishings and eventually a rug will cover most of the floor anyway!

Oh gosh, does it look pink to you?  Blinders have been placed on my face.

New master bath framed out & ready for inspection.

Tiles were finalized yesterday so I'll share that progress when they are on site & ready to go.

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