Wednesday, June 13, 2012

remains & a new resource

Recent acquisitions from Remains Lighting.  I love the following three.

Thank you to Remodelista for introducing me to Ladies and Gentleman Studio.  I was drawn in by these fabulous lights.  Minimal, but warm with a certain mid-century bent.

I clicked on to find more great things.  I love a sling chair and this one is made of wood dowels and brass and felt.  There is a hanging version as well.

I like the metal tones and simplicity of these.  They harken to the tin cups that I am seeing everywhere.  Reminds me of camp (though I've only been in my fantasy youth).

These servers are included because I love the palette.  I think they will inspire a kids room in my very near future.  Or may they be a destined acquisition for my Orient kitchen?

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