Friday, June 15, 2012

India Hicks

photo: tim street-porter

India Hicks came to Boston on Wednesday and did a lovely talk about her famous father David Hicks.  The presentation was enlightening and funny.  Clearly, she has done this before.  It was also genuine and I enjoyed the anecdotes of living with an over-the-top designer for a father.  India Hicks comes from amazing lineage and tells a tale that one only dreams to live.  What most inspires me is that she has made her home on one of my favorite vacation destinations, Harbor Island.  
photo: Brittan Goetz
With her children at home on Harbor Island

above photos: Brittan Goetz & Tim Street-Porter

photo credit: Brittan Goetz

It's also not terrible that she's a model and the god daughter of Prince Charles.  She is promoting her beauty line with longtime collaborators Crabtree & Evelyn as well as her new jewelry line. 

Photos: Tim Street-Porter

The hand cream smells great!

Photos from 1st Dibs Introspective mag

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