Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse

This year's Kips Bay decorator show house in NYC closes today.  I am glad that I made it there two weeks ago to get a first hand view.  While they don't allow photographs, I did snap a few on the amazing terrace (hello pool & hot tub with view of the Hudson!) with permission and also a few surreptitiously.
This is a terrible shot, but do you see that sailboat?! It was stunning when a rouge sunbeam caught the sail's edge.

The Show House was at the Aldyn residence on the upper west.  The contemporary apartment was a contrast to the traditional townhouse setting where the show houses took place prior.  There were some incredible details inside.

One of my favorite rooms was "the conservatory" designed by Neal Beckstedt Studio.  This was mostly due to a vintage Arne Jacobsen coffee/tea service (or bar cart)

and an Aland Wing chair by Jean de Merry

I also enjoyed a few of the offices.  One was "Le Bureau Privé (The Private office) designed by Raji Radhakrishan.
The window treatment is so ethereal.  When I was insistent on using an unlined sheer for Roman shades at my old home, the result was also ethereal, both in the elegant sense and fragile sense. The fabric did not stand up to sun for very long.  I'd like to try again with a Trevira fabric to see how long it will last.

I was surprised to find that I really loved "A Collectors Bedroom" designed by Alexander Doherty because the cerused oak paneling worked really well with all the art. The collection of paintings was great.

I love this light switch:
this last photo credit: Heather Clawson Habitually chic

There are other aspects that I loved, but I don't have the images to share at this point.
I would be happy camping out on the terrace!  (ok, not camping exactly, but enjoying dusk with a glass of champagne would work).

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