Friday, February 3, 2012


I've been thinking a lot about office style.  I work here in the dining room-by-night, office-by-day front room of my house.  It is a great room, but not exactly the most conducive to feeling organized and efficient as a home office should feel.  I have all the main elements that are needed "on paper," but it lacks something.

Here is a collection of some inspirational spaces that don't scream cubicle with bad overhead lighting.  They are more artful.

My dream is to have a spare, clean & minimal space.

The reality is that I have stuff.  

Thomas O'Brien makes stuff look very artful.

If I could make shelves look like this, I'd be pleased.

Since my workspace is also a public space, the below reference spaces that do double duty as living (or dining) spaces.

I love this nook:

 I love good lighting.  Everyone deserves a chandelier or fabulous lamp to inspire burning the midnight hour at work!

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