Thursday, June 17, 2010

Time for Framing

We are at the framing stage.  This is exciting and often daunting.  If you know me, you know it's easy for me to say knock 'em down and not build them up when it comes to walls.  However, there are things that are best behind closed doors.
Here is the location for the floor to ceiling pantry.  
We will use the center depth for a deep but narrow pull out cabinet.  This is a luxurious addition.  I am no fan of diving in to a cabinet to dig out some awkward shaped mixer.  
It's like falling into the rabbit hole.  After wedging your torso halfway in the cabinet with many "oh, there that is" and "right, I forgot I had that"'s you strong arm the piece out of there and realize that you probably will never fit it back in.  

Back to knocking things down.  Here is the location for a new larger window.  This will bring much desired natural light to the bottom floor kitchen.  There will be a counter below.  Nice work surface.
Plumbing, electric, many inspections to come.  Once drywall goes up you'll really see the difference.  Stay tuned.

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