Thursday, May 14, 2015

On Gardening

Landscape designer Piet Oudolf. Via Gardenista

I've never been much of a gardener.

In fact, I gave myself the moniker 'black thumb' years ago.

And yet, I feel a season change, if you will.

The  Silent Garden by Piet Ouldolf.  Via Gardenista

Now I am living in a house with a garden and a patio and a yard and the outdoor areas are lovely.  They are truly extensions of the home.  What is happening outside is relevant to interiors as it is framed by windows and doors.  The light changes, the colors change and it all can be magical.

Via Habitually Chic

It is entirely frustrating that I can imagine an interior, yet envisioning the various shapes, heights, colors and textures as applied outside eludes me.

Via Gardenista

Olive trees at sundown from our trip to Napa & Sonoma last fall. Via my iPhone.

Solage in Calistoga.  Great spot! Via my Instagram.

Great winery in Napa. Via my iPhone.

I have strong opinions about nearly everything, but when it comes to gardening, I'm less sure footed.  To not like a plant or flower feels similar to not liking a puppy or a baby.  But let's be frank: some puppies are jerks and some babies are ugly.

Raised beds at a winery near Calistoga. Via my iPhone.

Via Desire to Inspire

via Habitually Chic

My goal is to take on this meditative and natural design challenge with abandon.  After hearing Bunny Williams at the design center last month, my main take away was that one should spend more time outside and more time being.  That, at least, I can do.

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