Monday, October 22, 2012

mario testino at the mfa

 My favorite: Kate.  London, 2006. 

Just went to "In Your Face," the Testino exhibit at the MFA.  Great stuff.  I love to see fashion photography celebrated in Boston.  The show was pretty in-your-face in the scale and close proximity of the images.  It showcased Mario Testino's fabulous ability to capture iconic supermodels, iconic celebrities and create iconic images. Sexy, glamorous, stylish and irreverent images are saturated in color.  Plus he shoots for all the big guns: Vogue, British Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Vanity Fair, V magazine, not to mention being the official photographer of the Royal Family.  

 Carmen Kass, Los Angeles.  2009

 Jennifer Lopez, Los Angeles. 2004

 Gisele Bundchen, New York, 2004.

Some of the most fun to see are the candids of celebrities at posh events that we all wish we could attend.  He carries multiple cameras at all times & does not use digital.

 Mariah Carey, Donatello Versace, Beyonce Knowles, Milan, 2002.

 Josh Hartnett, New York, 2005.

Karlie Kloss, Bao Bao Wan, and Shaolin Monks, Beijing, 2011.

 Sienna Miller, Rome, 2007.

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, Los Angeles, 2003.

Looking at his images, it's no wonder his subjects become close with him and ask that he "Testino" them.  Subjects look flawless!

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