Friday, October 19, 2012

goodbye to one season

..and hello to another.
You may think I am late, and perhaps I am, but it seems to me that this was the week the the leaves turned fiery and color is popping in nature.  We've had warm days and I utilized them to shut down our summer cottage.  Cover up the outdoor furniture, tie down the grill & pack the bikes away indoors...
Said adieu to the last sunset of the season on the deck.

Now I focus on the new.  I've been thinking about office / studio space for a long time.  It has come to a head & I think it's time for me to move.  I don't want a huge space, but I do want my dining room back.  The desire to head out of the house to work has grown steadily and keeping a space organized specifically for work is longed for.

My visions vary, but I need a large table to spread out on and prefer a separate desk for my computer and paperwork.

The above were all posted on Remodelista today and I love the organization and simple surfaces.

 This represents how I imagine working.  There are always piles of things around.  No matter how much I prefer a spare space.  I am working, after all.
 This loft is very inviting.  It looks like work can get done, but the elements are all inspiring.
My instincts are always to go all white.  I like this a lot.  Plus I envision a sawhorse desk or table.

 The decorator in me envisions this luxurious lady-like dressing room of an office.  But, unlikely.
 The designer in me swoons for this open space, raw architectural beam & column elements and modular storage.
 This is a very groovy marriage of a white shell with found and collected greatness.
 This is probably a bit too proper for me & all my stuff, but it's very handsome.
 I love it.  Can I get away with a lucite desk?  For client meetings at least!?
 A likely looking work surface.
Not kidding, but I've dreamed multiple times of having a "pod" in the back yard for an office.  Then I wake up and realize that I don't live in California.  Yet.

Simple perfect and attainable.

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