Thursday, July 14, 2011

hunting and gathering

A few new purchases here that I am loving!
Acquired at Acquire:
I got seven of these babies.  They screw directly into the wall.  They are thin ceramic eggs painted gold or silver inside.  I haven't yet decided where to install them.

These blue agate coasters are stunning.  Also from the fabulous Acquire in the North End of Boston.  They demand a pretty glass atop, or none at all.

Picked this up on sale at Anthro.  I think I've mentioned my attraction to zig zags.

Spotted this at a recent visit to Material Objects in Jamesport.  I really love the glass disks.  It's got a farmhouse vibe with elegance and whimsy.  Anyone looking for me to decorate their farmhouse?  In Shelter Island, perhaps?

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