Monday, June 13, 2011

project progress

I am so excited to install the master bedroom in a project that I've been working on.  The painting is almost done.  We've gone with a great dark trim with just enough sheen. It's a soft grey-brown called Iron Gate.   Getting the ceiling color was a challenge.  It started with silver, pewter metallic and now we have a very fresh soft blue.  Ceiling paint is tricky.  It does not reflect light the way walls do and you can be very surprised by what you get.
Sneak peek:
I'll post more pictures when it's all installed.

For the same project, we found this fabulous carpet for the living room:
It's so very happy. The palette is surprisingly cheery.

There is a definite dark & light side.

Stair runner installed.

Missed this one in my before & after post.  A favorite re-upholstery job on a super lovely antique chair.

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