Thursday, May 26, 2011

first cook out of the season

At long last the rain had given way to blue skies, warm temps and with that, my plumber arrived to hook up the gas to my outdoor grill.  Yes!  

A simple meal of turkey burgers, steamed green beans, bib lettuce salad and roasted potatoes tasted better outside under our new pergola.  While it's not complete yet, it's starting to look great out there.

The mahogany was placed horizontally to create a more mod- Cali vibe.  We are waiting on the planters filled with bamboo to line this back wall.  A great view from the kitchen.  When it is uplight at night, it will be beautiful.  The fire pit awaits ethanol inserts and some lava stone for evening ambiance.

The beautiful modern pergola adds privacy and dimension to our eating area.  Picture vines growing and a string of lights.  Festive & romantic.

We moved the existing dogwood.  I pray it survives all the torture it went through during reno.

Gravel ground a la Paris' Tuileries Garden.
You know, but a bit smaller.

View from the kitchen.


  1. Love, love, love the garden. So perfect just off the kitchen-- and just wait till the herbs grow in! Snip! Snip!

  2. LOVE the outdoor space!! It looks like the perfect place to unwind on a beautiful day or night! xoxo

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