Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rugs est arrivee!

So pleased that our Moroccan carpets arrived today!  This evening's challenge: where do they go?
Or as the man at the souk says:  वेयर ओदो यू प्लेस थेम?

At entry or..

...In downstairs hall to the kitchen?

This one looks perfect with my orange leather Moroccan poufs.  
I'm thinkin' too perfect.

Though, this one is no better in the den.  May move it upstairs somewhere.

This one is just a jumbled mess at the moment.  Something I've never learned, and likely never will: 
A two person job is a two person job.  

On another note, Christmas tree is up (sans 1 missing string of lights).  The tree has been placed in the center stair so you can see it as you look down from the top floor.  LOVE.

And an entirely different key.  Roast chicken for dinner तोनिघ्त (एंड नो - आईटी'स नोट तागिने):

Sadly, it's not Tagine chicken in honor of my Moroccan friends.

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