Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Getting into the spirit

There is nothing like a Christmas tree to put me in a festive mood.  Ignoring the fact that I have killed a tree for my own decorating delight, I can't be in its presence without having the lights on.  It makes me happy.

That type of homey-ness only highlights the missing elements of our new place.  As a designer, you have deadlines set to make sure you get your client's projects together.  When it comes to your own abode, the list only grows and the deadlines are elastic.  

Here are some of the things I've been thinking about to finish my digs.
This light in the small vestibule:

Somehow mimicking this Moroccan shape in Isabel's room.  Maybe fabric pelmets or valances in the shape of the lattice ones here?:
I like this too:

The kids bath has a vibe like this (image below) due to a 40s or 50s poster print with odd animals we hung up.  I purchased some matte black brackets from the hardware store to use as a base for a driftwood shelf.  Will I ever find the piece of wood?  How about the hooks for the towels? Sometime before they've moved out, perhaps.  Like I said, elastic deadlines.

I'm having entry envy.  While there is a tiny vestibule, it's not large enough to turn around or take a shoe off, so really it's a pass through.  We painted it a beautiful Farrow & Ball blue and it needs a new light fixture.  What I crave is a bench or console.  A place where eyes can rest upon entering.  A place to put keys and take shoes off.  On the hunt.
This is the one I am thinking of from the Paris Apartment.  It's so girly and not me at all.  I think it will be a great juxtaposition.

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