Friday, October 15, 2010

It's down to the wire

And I can still see wires.  exposed.  
That can't be good.

But.  We are almost there (and as I've said before: ready or not).

  Hood is installed

The latest is as follows:
the kitchen light fixtures are now not available, the missing stone tile for the master bath will not be in until mid-November, I've not spec'd plenty of the hardware we need, kitchen tile needs to be installed, final speakers need to be installed, the walls & floors need painting and finishing and the outdoor space needs to be finalized.

 kitchen shelves almost done
 TV room bookshelves.  Love.

Black doorknobs installed.
 The (over-scale, but groovy) light fixture in Isabel's room.  It's too big before completion.  But I. STILL. LOVE.  IT!
Finn's desk
master sconces installed

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