Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hurry up and wait

Back in action.  Our completion date was pushed back from Sept. 1 to Oct. 1 and now seems to be Oct. 20th.  Next week, who knows?
2 weeks, 2 months, what's the difference?  (See previous post from 6.4.10)

The hopeful optimism of leaving for two weeks to come home to a newly married life in a newly renovated house has been soured to impatient pessimism of not getting into our house before the first snowfall.  Ok, so that is clearly sour grapes, but that is how I am feeling right now.

The place looks pretty wonderful and will be so terrific when we can get our butts in there.

Here are some progress pictures:
Our awesome walnut lined powder room.

First coat of poly on the floor in Isabel's room.

Kitchen ceiling, painted.

The awesome master bedroom bookshelves.

And the other master shelves.

Master shower, almost done.

Living room floor, sanded.  I was over-ruled (rightly, I may add) to sand and re-stain this floor.  More time, but hey, who's counting?


  1. who are you using for your floors i am havign a hard time finding someone who is willing to do dark hardwood floors. thanks

  2. Sorry for the delay! I've been a terrible responder! I am using a sub-contractor through Jenso custom homes.
    Hope this helps! Thanks for viewing.