Friday, May 3, 2013

Why have I not visited New Orleans?

You know when the universe seems to be telling you something?  Sometimes it's subtle and about a color.  
(True - with media, social or otherwise, infiltrating your every move, less & less is actually subtle)

For me, the universe has been telling me to finally get to New Orleans.  It's funny how many stray opportunities have come up and flitted away over the years.  Gotta make my own moves.

Former Creative Director for Domino, Sara Ruffin Costello was featured in Domaine (a great new way for me to source beautiful things and read about stylish people, places and food).  She made the move from NYC to a 19th Century Manse in New Orleans in 2011.

 This wall color is exactly what I want to paint my kitchen cabinets if we move.  I have been collecting swatches.  Turns out this color is a custom blend. 

Remodelista featured author Julia Reed and the trials of her 3-story Greek Revival home purchased right before Hurricane Katrina hit.  The renovation became the subject for her book, The House on First Street.

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