Friday, December 14, 2012

wonderful wallpaper

We have all been loving wallpaper for a while now.  It's so fun & pretty and a great way to add dimension to a space.  I am admittedly a plain white paint gal when it comes to my spaces, but that is only because I need to work on varying projects where a busy backdrop may interfere with my process.  I love introducing wallpaper to clients.  Right now I am choosing some to present for a dining room.  I can't narrow down all the great options!  Help me edit!

 A beautiful go to is grasscloth.  It adds texture and dimension and in the evening with chandelier & candle light, it shimmers.

 This girly wallpaper has a wonderful combination of shimmer and nature.  It's like dining in a winter wonderland.

 I love a strong trim color with wallpaper.  This has a feminine deco vibe.

 What a great color combo.  I also love the modern and traditional marriage in this room.
 I might apply some molding for architectural detail and can add panels of silver leaf paper.

 I've always admired the Hinson speckle & fireworks paper.
 It works great in a bathroom.
 Neisha Crosland makes great looking organic wallpaper patters.  This one is "Anemone."
 "Caterpillar leaf"


Madison & Grow has beautiful modern patterns.  I love the idea of a silver ceiling.  This is a great idea for the dining room.

 Their "elizabeth on peacock," made popular when West Elm used it in their catalog shoot.

 "Monique wind in her hair" is a nice subtle option with pretty swirls that look drawn on the wall.

I like this Palm Springs palette and pattern.  It's so citrusy and fresh.

 Beautiful Gracie paper is classic and elegant.  Not right for this project, but needed to throw in a traditional shot.

Love this large scale palm or banana leaf motif.  Groovy.

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