Saturday, September 29, 2012

green velvet envy

October's World Of Interiors featured a flawless Georgian house in the Weald of Kent designed by John Minshaw, my new idol.  The opening double page spread featured a living room with clean walls and a beautiful white sofa adorned with De Le Cuona silk-velvet cushions in emerald and black.  The curves of the 1900 Steinway piano gorgeously reflected sheen to highlight the simple luxury of the entire of the scene.  

He designed the recessed library bookcases, seen here, which are finished in Marston & Langinger's 'Roman Bronze'. The French Art Deco desk is from Magnus Antiques, and the 1930s Italian swivel chair was discovered at De Parma.

While I can't download all the images from this month's mag, I will share with you some images from his impeccable portfolio.  His minimal color palette is perfection.  I will use this as armor for any plea to the contrary.

 Strong rich color, simple elegant shapes create crisp sophistication.
 Clean, minimal, perfect.

The contrast of the stone stair and the delicate legs & back of the settee reflects a refined vision. 

 This light fixture adds an amazing antique peridot green.  I can't get enough of the crisp black and white environment.

 This exemplary entry is strong & simple.

C'mon.  amaze.

 What I love about the kitchen: palette, of course.  Also the function & simplicity while not being cold.

 Gorgeous peak & details.

 Serene bedroom/bath.

 Casual elegance.

 These chairs are so appealing.  The scene is flawless.

 Rich walls.  This green really gets me.

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