Thursday, July 19, 2012

falling behind

In true summer style, I am noticing that I am a full week or more behind in everything.  Catching up on emails, returning calls, visits with friends.  Um, not to mention designing!  While I put my clients first, I notice all needs are piling up on my desk and there is not a chance to ever get to the bottom.

I've been told that, like anything, you must schedule your life.  Taking care of oneself ensures that you can take care of others properly.  Meals must be had (and enjoyed), your body must be taken care of (walks, workouts, whatever you fancy), minds must be massaged (reading something other than contracts & estimates), creativity must be nurtured (in any way possible!).

What I would like is a magic scheduling app that prioritizes everything for me.  It seems that I am spending too much time scheduling and less time doing (Ugh - I sound like the Home Depot commercial that makes me cringe!)

At least I have been enjoying the view each weekend!

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